Sonja Hinrichsen


My work reflects on environmental concerns and addresses our (humankind’s) relationship to nature – as we perceive it and interact with it – throughout history. Modern society has become increasingly disconnected from nature. We have come to see our planet as a mine to extract the resources we need to maintain our extravagant lifestyles, and as a dumping station for our toxic waste products. I believe, however, to secure a “habitat” for future generations (of our species as well as others) we must tune ourselves in with nature and regain greater awareness of our planet, understand it better, and take better stewardship of it. 

I believe as artists we have the power to reach out to society and direct public attention - in an inspirational way that reaches audiences more readily than pure scientific study - which can seem inaccessible or tedious. Thus I hope I can point out the importance of environmental soundness – through speaking to emotion and passion for nature, and unlocking an ancient sense of freedom and awe. I believe that admiration for nature is inherent in all of us, but tends to get subdued in our busy consumer-oriented lifestyles.

My work process starts with photo/video mappings and research about places and their historical, societal and ecological circumstances. Mythology plays a particular role, as it bears invaluable information about places and people. My projects intertwine factual research with my personal experiences as a person and artist. 

My final works range from video performances, immersive video installations and photographic work to ceramics projects. I also create ephemeral pieces in environment settings - that aim to emphasize the sublime beauty and the extraordinary of nature. In my project Snow Drawings I work with environmental and arts organizations to create participatory art events where communities contribute to large-scale outdoor pieces while sharing unique immersive, meditative nature experience. 

With my artwork I aim to provoke thought and engage my audiences intellectually. I am less interested in creating lasting artworks, as I believe our planet is over-saturated with man-made products. While I like to unfold my work into large immersive projects,

I prefer that it live on in its documentation only, and in the memories of my audiences.