Linda Smith


My work deals with loss, remembrance and regeneration. I believe as individuals we are living histories that have the ability to empathize with those that have experienced loss and trauma. By acknowledging personal, collective, historical trauma and trauma of the soil, we are allowing humanity to create conditions for working through layers of wounds and unlocking pain that has been in our systems, societies and earth for centuries. Through my practice I try to bring up memories of events into our present that are no longer here. I am not telling or retelling any stories, solely remembering individuals and places that history may have forgotten.

Last time you wrote, 2022, 9"x12"
Bloody Lane, 2021, 11"x17"
The Beginning, 2021, 9"x12"
McLeod, 2022, 13"x19",
Concord, 2021, 20"x30" x2"
Homecoming, 2023, 7"x11"
The next time I see you, 2022, 8"x8"x1"
Gold armour, 2022, 14"x8"x3"
Beloved, 2022, 18"x22"
Manassas in pink, 2021, 18"x26"x02"