Color Explorations with Egg Tempera

Castle Hill Truro Center for the Arts

August 17 – 21 Monday - Friday
1pm – 3pm (EST)

$265 (excludes supplies)

No, not professional practice - a fun painting workshop instead.

Egg Tempera is luminous paint that emphasizes pure color and fine drawing. An innovative, color-centric and contemporary medium, tempera is ideal for those who love color but hate solvents—it is water-based, fast-drying and optically brilliant. Made with egg yolk and mineral pigments, tempera has the opacity of gouache with the glazing qualities of oil paint. Egg tempera formed the foundation of western painting and offers a strong core for understanding all paint as both formal and conceptual.

This workshop will explore color as physical medium, through the properties, application and optical mixing. Focus is on deepening your individual vision of color as a language for meaning.

Kits can be purchased for the class so you can try out the pigments without a large investment. Email for info. 
Register through castle Hill, Click here or on class title for info.