Crit Lab Consulting

Empowering Artists and Artist Communities through Collaborative Visioning

The Crit Lab offers Private and Group Consulting for the Artistic, Business, and Technical needs of artists and organizations.

Ecosystems for a Meaningful Artistic Practice

Patricia Miranda offers One-on-One Critique; Short Term Private Labs; Curation of portfolios, websites, and exhibitions; Strategic Planning; Professional Practice Support; and Writing with Artists for Statements, Proposals, Grants.

Art does not live in a vacuum, artists don't need to either. Crafting an ethical nurturing ecosystem is fundamental for the work and for artists to thrive. Patricia is an artist who has for decades been teaching artists in every context and situation, from professional to newly working, in graduate and undergrad programs, community settings, and in the Crit Lab working intensely and directly with 60-70 artists each month. Artists are makers, we bring a wealth of knowledge and expertise without substantial institutional support. Collaboration and community is key! Together we craft and nurture structures to support  both artwork and artist.

Writing with Patricia Miranda

We do this together! I am known for my editing chops for artists writings. This comes from many years of teaching writing and professional practice to artists in graduate, undergraduate and professional settings. After years of working with artists, I innovated an active method of thinking together, individually and in groups, to build a statement that best represents the work. Workshopping in tandem with artists on their and one another's texts, we think through ides and language together. We learn a method and process to craft strong statements and proposals.

The goal of writing is to supplement the visuals- not replace, explain, generalize, rationalize. As visual artists- the writing accompanies the work as a kind of addendum. What would you say about your practice and your work if someone came to your studio? An artist statement is a slightly more formal version of this. What is essential to know when looking at the work? Statements are very challenging to write - and - fun to dig into together. They offer enormous clarity for both artist and viewer. Like architecture that surrounds and supports the work, a good statement is like a cut rock, a diamond - clear, concrete, affirmative.

The Lab also offers Technical, Website, Systems Support 

with Crit Lab Technical Director Valentina Zamora.

Valentina offers support from  building a whole new website to simple sizing of images, and everything in between! Patricia and Valentina will work together to make the technical match the artist's individual needs. She is a talented technical wizard who can support the infrastructure of your practice with speed and kindness. See more below!

art consult

Consultation with Patricia

Reach out to chat about how we might work together.

Office Hours:

A consult starts with a walk-through of your website, as a space where you have already curated and organized your work. This may include critique of the work, analysis of curation, and review of your texts, as well as considering if the website makes the conceptual ideas in the work visible and accessible. Together we review materials, and create simple systems for long and short term planning, goal setting, designed around your individual practice. This includes strong artist statements, proposals, and curated portfolios, to best represent the work.

For those wanting to build a website, we discuss the framework above, and create a plan for making it happen. Valentina jumps in with tech support once the plan and content is organized. 

All good creators have supportive tough editors!

I never edit your words without you. Together we go through texts and images, and discuss what is important to you and how to support the work. I utilize a clear step-by-step process designed to hone the language around the work. The process is an constructive articulation method for writing about your work - for the statement at hand, and as a tool for writing future statements. 

Single Session: 1.5 hours: $275 each

Additional Meetings 1.5 hours: $175 each after initial meeting

Current Critters: 1.5 hours $175 each

All artists currently in any Labs (excludes AltMFA+Residency) receive a Lab discount.

Art Consult

Includes administrative fee

Critter Consult

For current Crit Lab participants and multiple session consults. Includes administrative fee.

Tech Support

Artists are Individuals. We need different solutions.

Organize your art business to work for YOU

Valentina Zamora is the Crit Lab Tech Director and a talented artist. She can help with all your computer needs: Set up and update websites; Prepare digital images; Organize files; Filing systems; any and all admin computer help.

Basic Support

Resizing images; Updating website; Organizing filing systems; Image Prep for proposals and Critique
$30 per hour
Minimum $120 (4 hours) for each booking.
For support in designing and building websites scroll down for Higher Tech.

Tech Consult Basic

4 hours at $30 per hour. Includes administrative fee

Higher Tech

4 Hours at $60 per hour. Includes administrative fee.

Tech Consult

4 Hours at $80 per hour. Includes administrative fee.