Mrin Aggarwal


I am Indian artist working at the intersections of architecture, sculpture, and landscape. Through a research-led, speculative, and site-specific practice, I create drawings, sculptures, installations, and environments that reconsider the values that spaces offer, and the ways through which they mediate human relationships. I am interested in conceptions of reality, pleasure, and nature within eastern practices. In 2017 I founded Streetlight, a critical research lab developing decolonial interventions in public space. 

My current project, FIELD, is informed by the historical vernacular of grass as a building material within rural India. My background in architecture informs my analysis of public space. FIELD is a bio-art project operating at intersections of sculpture, performance, bioethics, and fraught arenas of urban space. 

The project considers the cultivated lawns in contemporary cities to explore how our conceptions of nature are shaped by colonial narratives. Sculptures are made from waste lawn-clippings that I boil, wash and cook in my kitchen to create a translucent, biodegradable bioplastic, akin to a vegan leather. Resulting artworks articulate an emergent, grotesque, plant-based perspective in a posthuman future rewilded by grass. Through FIELD I reflect on my own immigrant identity, alienation, and anxiety in the face of climate collapse.