The Crit Lab 2022
Online, In-Person, Hybrid (covid dependent)

Currently all Labs are virtual.

We have been inspired by how the digital space has no geographic limits, the new ways in which we can share from our private spaces, and the unique intimacy of meeting in a space without physical bodies. Online everyone has a front row seat, we share equal space in the room, we make space for one another. As we move ahead we consider new possibilities, and alongside the environmental concerns of travel, craft new ways of working, making, and reflecting. The Crit Lab community has grown into a powerful, connected, intimate force of artists. Join us as we invent new ways to share, to make, to talk about art.

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Fall 2022 applications are now closed and all sessions are full.

Check back in mid-late October for Spring applications. 

Applications are required to be considered for the Lab. 

Payment is not required until the groups are formed. You will receive an email with info on your group once the sessions are organized. An orientation session is required for all artists new to the Crit Lab.

Visit the artist pages to see what this amazing community of current Lab artists are up to.

Visit the about page for more details about the Labs.

One of the unique aspects of design of The Crit Lab from its founding in 2013 is the curation of the groups. Director Patricia Miranda carefully reviews all applications and websites to organize groups that will create dynamic and productive discussion. Therefore your application notes available days only. You will be notified about which group you will be invited to join. Feel free to contact us with questions about the process and dates. Application does not guarantee a spot. 

The Crit Lab Fellowship

Fellowship includes full tuition for one Crit Lab session. Visit the Fellowship page to learn more and to meet our Fellows. 

The Crit Lab offers different types of Labs:

All Labs meet for 5 months. Virtual meetings meet twice a month for 3 hours, IRL meetings meet for a full day once per month. (Currently all sessions are virtual). All follow and maintain the same rigorous pedagogy and discussion, and focus on developing criticality and language around the work. Labs meet artists where they are, and develop strategies for a sustainable and individual studio practice.

Main Labs focus on studio practice, on developing critical language and skills in analyzing our own work and the work of others. Main Labs are flexible and open to different levels of engagement, while always maintaining the rigorous pedagogy and discourse the Crit Lab is known for.

NxtLvl Labs NxtLvl Labs are organized not by career or longevity of practice- they are organized by the types of questions being asked in the studio, and the depth, consistency, and commitment of that investigation. In a NxtLvl Lab everyone in the room is engaged at the same high level of commitment, consistency, and practice. NxtLvl Labs include the same structure as Main, with one additional private 20 minute meeting. NxtLvl require a higher commitment; artists agree to a consistency in studio work and to their group. Prior participation in a Crit Lab, and/or an application meeting with Patricia is required for NxtLvl. 

Note: All Labs are curated for productive, dynamic, diverse discussion and work. Registration asks for day preference. While your input is always seriously considered we cannot guarantee first choice. Waitlists for full sessions are held until sessions start. Each session has max 7 artists. NxtLvl Labs are organized by application and and availability. 

Some Crit Lab Faculty are available for private critique. Check out the faculty page.

Scroll down for payment info.

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The Crit Lab is an artist-run self-funded organization. We are committed to to keeping program costs for artists as low as possible, while paying a fair wage to our visiting artists and faculty. We offer generous flexible payment plans and are happy to chat with all artists about ways to join The Lab.

Contact us for more information at:

There are no refunds for missed meetings. This assures commitment to the process, builds continuity, confidence, and integrity between members, and protects the nature of the relationships built in the meetings. While we understand that life happens, we ask that everyone do their best to clear their schedules for all dates. Switching groups is not possible once the session begins. Full refunds minus a $50 administrative fee are available up to 14 days before the session starts. Due to the impact on the curation and small number of artists in each group, cancelation within 7 days incurs a $100 administrative fee. 

Payment Options:

Pay via Credit below. Note: There is a $25 registration fee.

Mail checks to:

The Crit Lab LLC

811 Central Avenue, #2

Peekskill, NY 10566

Contact us for more info.

Main Crit Lab Payment: Fall 2022
Main Lab

$550 Tuition+$25 registration fee. Mail checks to address above.

Nxt Lvl Lab Payment: Fall 2022

$600 Tuition+$25 registration fee. Mail checks to address above.