Melissa Stern is an artist and arts journalist living in NYC. Her work has shown at galleries and museums throughout the US. Her solo museum show, “The Talking Cure” has been traveling to major American museums since 2012. It will open at The Fuller Museum in 2022. Her most recent gallery show, “Does She or Doesn’t She” is now at Firecat Projects in Chicago. She will have a solo exhibition at The Lockwood Gallery in Woodstock, NY in April 2021 and an exhibition at Longmen Art Projects in Shanghai in 2022.

Melissa’s stories and reviews have appeared in The New York Press, Hyperallergic and ArtCritical. With a background in Cultural Anthropology she is interested in the intersection between art and society and the work made by those outside of the art-world mainstream. She is particularly interested in storytelling and it’s relationship to visual arts.

Melissa has taught as an adjunct professor at SVA, Parsons, NYU Brooklyn College, and Penland School in North Carolina. Her interest in mixed materials and storytelling has informed her work as a visiting critic across art and craft media. She has most recently been a visiting critic at SUNY New Paltz, Pratt, NYU and The Everson Museum.

Melissa is available for private critiques