Mary Mattei

Close, fascinating observations of nature provide the gateway of discovery within the creative process and the creative consideration. My work does not copy nature. Instead, it propels the emergence of an organic sense of nature that invites in-depth viewing and prompts many references. I seek to express wonder filtered through deep appreciation and formal considerations as the work morphs into being. My innate drive to seek, to evolve, and to explore concepts, processes, and materials arouses interest and intensifies passion.
Mary Mattei received her B.S. Fine Arts, from Hunter College, NY and attended the Maryland Institute College of Art. Mary is currently painting abstract nature-based images using mixed media that result in striking color-rich textured surfaces. Her work is in numerous private collections; she resides in Boston.


"Flying High," 2019, oil, 60” x 78”
"Hurricane," 2019, acrylic, 77” x 56”
"Pulsing Heat," 2019, oil, 116” x 78”
"Hidden Ammonite," 2019, oil, 36” x 36”
"Aqueous," 2019, oil, 46” x 76”
"Fissures," 2018, oil, 22” x 30”
"Periderm," 2018, oil, 22” x 30”