Dawn Edmondson


I am a multidisciplinary artist. My work is about engagement with the natural world, in a dialogue between observation and the creation of space. Through painting, sculpture, interior design, cultivated gardens or landscapes, an internal discussion arises about what is and what might be. I am enamored with the complexity of systems found in the natural world and their interrelatedness, and find their intricacy and detail to be an endless source of inspiration.

I am a seer, a witness, a participant in nature in body, mind, and spirit. I am interested in the sensory experience of the environment and the creation of cultivated spaces that express my engagement. I frequently use photography for research, and translate these visual observations into painting and sculpture.

I believe the natural world can inform all that is cultivated no matter what the reason, function or purpose. Culture can be enhanced, deepened and broadened, through the observation of nature.


"untitled," 2018, wood, cotton, wax, jute, horsehair, 4" x 7”
"untitled," 2018, wood, plaster, wax, jute, horsehair, 5" x 10”
"untitled," 2017, encaustic on panel, 4" x 12”
"untitled," 2018, wood, feather, 2" x 10”
"untitled," 2018, encaustic on panel, 24" x 48”
"untitled," 2018, wood, metal, wax, 7.5" x 11.5”
"untitled," 2018, encaustic on panel, 24" x 48”
"untitled," 2018, plaster, wax, wood, 3" x 30”