Merill Comeau​

I am drawn to the discarded: clothes, vintage linens, and discontinued designer prints. Embracing installations, wall hangings, paintings, and garments, my work mines autobiography and explores socio-political issues, connecting individual experience to the communal. The discarded textile materials I use transmit memories and symbolize lives lived, while also addressing anxiety around the consumer cycle, global manufacturing, and the environment. I employ traditional methods of sewing construction in new ways, probing the tension between old and new, art and craft. When I paint and draw, I often mix contemporary imagery with old letters or pages from books which harken back to my childhood. As I stitch hundreds of snippets together, each part becomes integral to the whole, akin to the sum of the many moments that make up a lifetime.


Comeau’s work has been featured in over 80 exhibitions, at venues including the Fuller Craft Museum, Danforth Art Museum, Fitchburg Art Museum, Museums of Old York, MA; and the Edward M. Kennedy Institute of Boston. Her installation Family of Origin is currently touring with FiberArt International 2019, traveling to the Fort Collins Art Museum in Colorado in 2020. The Institute of Contemporary Art Boston’s Art Lab will host her interactive project Threads of Connection from February to June 2020. She has completed residencies at Hambidge Center for Art and Science, Vermont Studio Center, and a number of National Parks. Numerous publications have showcased her work, including Surface Design Journal,, Fiber Art Now, and Textile Study Group of New York’s blog.

“Red, White, and Blue 2,” 2019, mixed media, 102” x 116” x 36”
“Red White and Blue,” 2018, mixed media, 106” x 92”
“Family of Origin,” 2017, mixed media, 77” x 93” x 73”