Empowering Artists!
Your practice must match your goals, your life, your ethics, your creative spirit.

The business side of being an artist is challenging. We want to be in our studios, and yet we need to get our work out in the world. The Crit Lab helps you build individualized strategies for a lifelong practice, for success as you define it, for a quality of life and economy that reflects your ethics.

Artists are a constituency. Together we can envision and create thriving, sustainable, ethical, artistic communities, that can even change the world.

Make it sustainable. Get organized, preserve your studio time, promote your work and the work of fellow artists.

Patricia is available to help tackle strategies, write artist statements, exhibition and grant proposals, website analysis and more. Kimberly Lindner, our virtual assistant and a talented artist herself, can help with computer work- preparing image files and packages, filing systems, website design and updates, and more.

Click below for info on working with Patricia or Kimberly, and for upcoming workshops.