The Crit Lab 2019 Residency was a great success! Our time at the Venice Biennale and our partnership with RUC Residency in the beautiful Italian Alps were inspiring, filled with great art, food, wine and gorgeous landscape. Watch for news about 2020! 
The Crit Lab Residency will spend July 2-6 in Venice for the 2019 Venice Biennale, then travel together for a Residency at RUC from July 6-14. This will be an intimate group of  artists and companions. After a whirlwind trip to the Biennale, we will enjoy quiet time at RUC away from the tourist crowds- creating art, visiting local UNESCO sites. The weather will be lovely, we will eat from their garden, and meet for food, conversation, and critique in the beautiful Valcomonica Valley.

Martin Puryear will represent the United States at the Biennale, this alone makes it worth the trip! Updates on the Biennale to follow.

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Check out Rural Contemporary at their website.
Italy July 2 – 14, 2019
Venice July 2-6, RUC Residency July 6-14
Cost: $2800 per person

(additional date possible September 16 - 29)
Venice: Includes Venice travel- private water taxi to and from Venice Santa Lucia train station to Airbnb; room and board (breakfast and dinner) with one dinner off; Biennale tickets; Guggenheim tour, Scrovegni Chapel in Padua.
RUC: Includes Room and Board, studio space and group crits, local excursions to UNESCO and local cultural sites, wine tasting. Includes travel from Venice to RUC, RUC to Milan Malpensa, with group only. Individual travel from RUC may vary and is not covered.

*Price based on double room. Additional costs for private rooms. Excludes airfare and train travel to and from the US, and from Milan to Venice. (Milan to Venice train approx. $50).

See below or click for Terms and Conditions and Registration

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